Bible Questions Episode 118 (Works of the Flesh)

May 28th, 2022

Lust versus self-control, hatred versus kindness, selfish ambition versus joy, murder versus gentleness. Sounds like quite a series of contrasts, doesn’t it? They are polar opposites like night and day. That’s exactly the situation when we contrast what we might want to do versus what God wants us to do. In this episode, we examine what the Bible describes as the Works of the Flesh.

  • What does the Bible teach about the war between the flesh and the Spirit?
  • We examine the Works of the Flesh we must cast off:
    • Adultery and Fornication, Uncleanness and Lewdness, Idolatry and Sorcery, Hatred and Contentions, Jealousies and Outbursts of Wrath, Selfish Ambitions and Dissensions, Heresies and Envy, Murders and Drunkenness, Revelries and things like these 

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